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Vote for the Backstreet Boys and show your support!!
Show the Backstreet Boys the shape of YOUR heart by voting for them!!

Voting for Backstreet
Total Request Live (priority) More Than That is now on TRL, so let's all vote and make it number 1!

MTV VMA Viewer's Choice Nominations Vote for the Boys to get nominated for a viewer's choice award!

Teen Choice Awards BSB are up for several awards, including best album and best single, so lets vote and make these awards the best yet!

Clash of Concerts Which would you rather see, NSYNC Pop Odyssey, or Backstreet Boys' Black&Blue Tour???

Toy Boy in Pop
*N Sync sexy? Mmmaybe. Who do you think is the sexier group??? Vote now and see what everybody else thinks!!!

Nick Video Picks Check back weekly to see if BSB are up!

Alloy Star Chart Keep voting everyday and see where our Boys land next week. Check back on Friday to see the new chart. Every vote counts!!!
MTV Europe Poll Another BSB vs. 'N Sync poll, it's at the bottom of the page on the right hand side

The TOP HOT GUYS: Go vote for the hottest guys (Backstreet men)!

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